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It's Over!!!

  • 13th May, 2008 at 3:54 PM

Well, studied til 1am this morning, got up at 6am, bathed and dressed and at the pc by 6.45am, and studied until 7.45am and then headed off to college to write my final exam, English Literature, this morning. It went okay, I didn't forget too much, and so think I've managed to pass!!! Although when I'll ever need to use my scant knowledge of Beowulf in a work capacity remains to be seen.

So, it's all over now. All projects have been handed in, all exams written, now all I have to do is go back there on Thursday to clear out my locker, 'cos I bloody forgot to do it this morning!! Never mind, it's a day off on Thursday anyway, so that's grand!!

I never thought I'd see this through to the finish, but the other mature student in the class was great, and we supported each other as it got closer to the end, and we were feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff we still had to do. 

So, now I can get around to finally decluttering the house, having a bonfire to burn all the bloody paperwork that's piled up over the last nine months, but I think I'll hang on to the voodoo doll of our course director until after I get my exam results *grins mischeviously*

Other than that, I'm sitting here in the office, here in body, but definately not in mind or spirit.

I think I'm gonna open my bottle of South African champagne tonight and drink the bloody lot!!! It's been standing in the fridge for a good while now - should be cold enough to drink by now, eh??

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